Educational Publishing & Editorial Services

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BKP provides content development services for K–12 and Higher Ed in all disciplines. We are leaders in Editorial, Learning design, Media Development, Curriculum Development, Assessments, and more.

Consistent, efficient, and quality content paired with customized and synergistic partnerships.

Editorial Support

Blue Kayak provides editorial support for all disciplines in the PreK–12, Higher Ed, and Experiential Learning space. We know the standards, understand the content, and know creative, engaging ways to teach it.  We can help your team with cold reads and solves, copyediting, fact-checking, indexing, and proofreading; and we will deliver your project on time and within budget.


Over the past 30 years, Blue Kayak Production’s experience working with major testing agencies and global educational publishers has empowered us with expertise in writing assessment items that are aligned to all standard correlations and state standards.

Curriculum Development

Let us provide complete product and content development for your team’s PreK–12, Professional Development, and Higher Ed projects. We thrive in developing quality educational content for traditional print, online, and hybrid learning formats. Whether your team requires creation to completion, turnkey, multiple, or single task services, BKP can help!

DE&I and Sensitivities

BKP believes in the power of representation. We are passionate about creating content that reflects accessibility and inclusion to every individual. We have current experience in consulting and serving partners worldwide with global and cultural sensitivities awareness, accessibility, DE&I content creation, and reviews for all disciplines from K–12 to Higher Education.

EdTech and Print

Our crew of professionals have a deep understanding of traditional print workflows, digital educational tech (EdTech), and blended learning. With a network of over 300 SME’s in most disciplines, we can consult, develop or adapt content for SEs, TEs, ancillaries, assessments, and supplemental materials for K-12, Higher Ed, and Experiential Learners.


BKP has a production team waiting to help you meet your next goal. Whether you need expertise in design, planning, or final copy, we can provide the service you need.

We work with specializing in art and design; simple or complex digital, text and video using advanced and up-to-date media platforms and programs.

Why Blue Kayak

Here at Blue Kayak, we are empowered with experience, passion & enthusiasm. With global expertise in Math, Science, DE&I, ELA, Social Studies, and Humanities, our goal is to be a reliable partner from concept to completion – no matter the size of the project. Partnering with over 300 free-lance SME’s in K–12, Higher Ed, and Experiential Learning, Blue Kayak is here to be the missing link in your educational publishing and production projects.

Our goal from day one has been to provide high-quality content that excites learners while also providing them with a roadmap for future success.


Proud to be a certified Women-Owned Business with 30 years of educational publishing experience.


Empowered by passion and enthusiasm.

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